Our success rests on the shoulders of our people. That is why we work hard to build an environment that they love. A walk through any of our offices will quickly bring into focus 3 key aspects of Chopra Industries work environment: openness, collaboration, and diversity. Closely linked to our core values, these cultural keystones define the social fabric at the workplace.

An open, communicative culture

Communication is open and honest, with formal and informal channels of dialogue. While animated conversations may ensue over cups of coffee, we also have planned discussion sessions, where team members share feedback, thoughts, and ideas with peers and managers.

A collaborative experience

We believe that high-performing teams can change the way businesses work. So we create opportunities for efficient collaboration and teamwork. Our offices are always abuzz with activity as people come together to debate, design, and build winning client solutions.

Flexible working enivornment

Chopra Industries is proud of its eclectic culture. From offering flexible working hours to focusing on inclusive recruitment practices, we do all we can to build a skilled, diverse workforce. The result: Every day, people from varied ethnic and educational backgrounds and with different working styles and skill sets interact in a creativity-charged atmosphere where clients come first.

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